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I am the lead cinematographer for Ryan Noel Films! I was born in Guam and moved around quite a bit - I've also lived in Germany (4 years), Italy (1 year), and different states in the US (California, Arizona, and Maryland)! I went to college at Johns Hopkins University for Psychology and fell in love with Interpersonal Attraction and Influence, which brought me to Wedding Films! My favorite part of the wedding day is capturing the first look or the groom's reaction when he sees his bride for the first time! For me, I LOVE capturing the most emotional parts of the day. 

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I am the second cinematographer for Wild Story Films! Unlike Ryan, I was born and raised in Arizona, so I'm a true Arizonian. I love to dance and have been in a competitive Hip Hop Dance Team (United Dance Company) for 11 years. I love watching TV shows and movies, specifically in the comedy and murder mystery genres. I am also a new plant mom and am loving every second of it! My favorite part of the wedding day is capturing all the precious details of the day. 

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